Several of our fellow almuni stood out either in their careers and/or in the civil society, we would like to pay tribute to them all.

Among them we can highlight:


Daniel Ferbeck (S 1963) Designer of VAL (automated metro).
Eric Hayat (S 1964) Founder of STERIA.
Louis Le Portz (E 1964)
President of Aéro-Club de France.
Frédéric d'Allest (X 1961-S 1966)

Former General Manager of CNES. First President of Arianespace.

Seddik Belyamani (E 1967) Executive Vice-President of BOEING in charge of Commercial Aircrafts Sales
Rachid Ben Mokhtar (E 1967)

Minister of National Education of Morocco (1995-1998)

Jean LAURENT (S 1967) CEO of Crédit Agricole S.A. (1999-2005) and President and CEO of Crédit Lyonnais (2003-2005).
Bernard RAMANANTSOA (S 1971) General Manager HEC (1995-2015)
Jean-Paul HERTEMAN (X 1970-S 1975) President and CEO of SAFRAN
Alain PECHON (E 1977)

President and CEO of Sun Micro-systems France

Charles CHAMPION (S 1978) Senior VP Engineering AIRBUS
François LUREAU (X1963-S1968) President of Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France (IESF)
Marwan LAHOUD (X 1983-S 1989) Former Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Airbus Group
Lionel de la SAYETTE (S 1979)

Chairman of the ISAE Board of Directors, Senior Advisor to the Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation

Olivier LESBRE (X 1985-S 1990) General Manager of ISAE
Marie-Hélène BAROUX (M 1993) CERES Programme Director at DGA
Marie-Laure ROUX (E 1981) Director of the AIRBUS Saint Eloi plant
Edwige BONNEVIE (X 1973-S 1978)

Director of the CEA's risk management division and Central Security Director

Olivier ZARROUATI (X 1977 - S 1982)

Chairman of the Zodiac Aerospace Group Management Board

Honorary President and Delegate for International Affairs of the Academy of Technologies
Jérôme BENDELL (X 1987 - S 1992) Chairman of ThalesRaytheonSystems
Bruno EVEN (X 1987- S 1992) President of SAFRAN Electronics & Defense (formerly SAGEM)
Joël BARRE (X 1974- S 1979) Deputy Managing Director of CNES
Satish KIRTIKAR (S 1978) Vice-President Business Development SNECMA India
Pierre-Éric POMMELLET (X 1984- S 1989) Senior VP Mission Systems at THALES
Thierry DUQUESNE (X 1981 - S 1986) Strategy Director at CNES
Bruno BARANGER (S 1994) Baccarat Manufacture Directeor
Didier EVRARD (Centrale Lyon, Master 1976 SUPAERO) Executive Vice-President in charge of Programmes at Airbus
Marc PIRCHER ( E 1976- Docteur S 1980) CNES  Director of Toulouse Space Center
Jacqueline COHEN-BACRIE (S 1981) A350 Chief System Engineer
Michel  POLYCHRONIADIS (S 1979) NH 90 Programme Director
Joseph OZANNE (S 2002) ORACLE Racing Yacht performance specialist- Defender of 34th America’s cup – USA - Cofounder of eb1 labs
Joël CHENET (X1975 - S 1980) Senior vice president Thales Alenia Space (TAS) Brasil
Vincent LECRUBIER (S 2011) Kayak Olympic Games Champion in 2008 & 2012 - ONERA PhD Student
Nicolas MOJAISKY (S 1981)

Technical Director of Programs at Dassault Aviation


Without forgetting our fellow astronauts:

Jean-François CLERVOY (X 1978 - S 1983) STS-66 (1994), STS-84 (1997), STS-103 (1999) Missions
Thomas PESQUET (S 2001) Proxima ISS Mission Expeditions 50 & 51 (2016/17)
Luca PARMITANO (M I 2009) ISS Expeditions 36 & 37 (2013), Expeditions 60 & 61 (2019)
Samantha CRISTOFORETTI (ERASMUS S 2007) Mission Futura ISS Expeditions 42 & 43 (2014/15)


Deceased notirous alumni:

Raoul Badin (S 1910), 1871-1963, inventor of the measuring instrument that bears his name, "the badin", to measure the speed of an airplane.

Henri Coanda (S 1910)
, 1886-1972, among other things, designed in 1910 the first jet plane, discovered the "Coanda effect" and developed its first apllications in the field of lift, fluid flaps and silencers.

Henry Potez (S 1911), 1891-1981, is with Marcel Bloch (Dassault) the inventor of the Potez-Bloch propeller which, from 1917, equipped the majority of the Allied planes. He then created his own company which manufactured many planes and seaplanes between World War I and II, the most famous of which, the Potez 25, was produced in more than 4,000 copies.

Marcel Dassault (born Bloch) (S 1913), 1892-1986, between World War I and II founded the Marcel Bloch aircraft company, designer and manufacturer of many military planes. This company is one of the constituent parts of Aerospatiale. After WWII, Marcel Dassault founded the eponymous company which, after the merger with Bréguet Aviation at the end of the 1960s, is now called Dassault Aviation.
Today it produces the Rafale and the Falcon family of business aircraft. At the end of 1981, Marcel Dassault approved the spin-off of the in-house designed Computer Aided Design software, CATIA; thus leading to the birth of  Dassault Systèmes.

André Couzinet (S 1925), 1904-1957,created the Arc-en-ciel, the mythical plane of Mermoz. He invented the modern "broomstick" and the retractable landing gear.

Henri Ziegler (S 1931), 1906-1998, after exemplary behavior during the war of 39 - 45 in the resistance then as chief of staff of the F. F. I. with General Koenig, he successfully occupied a number of key positions in French and European aeronautics. He occupied many departments or presidencies: Air France, ministries, Breguet and Aerospatiale, where he ended his career.

Pierre-Henri Satre (S 1934), 1909-1980, former CEO of Sud-Aviation and father of the Caravelle.

François Hussenot (S 1935), 1912-1951, inventor of the  "black box"

Serge Dassault (S 1951), 1925-2018,continued his father's work in aeronautics and ICT and extended the range of his activities as president of Socpresse.