Why using the services of the Association for your career?

Because it is rare today to stay for life in the same company. Because you will undoubtedly multiply your professional experiences and this requires that you take care of your career and the corresponding transitions. Because your career and your "employability" are yours, and these depend as much on your relationship network as on your skills and experience...

The Association and its "career" services are one of the most effective means for helping you:

  • to build and develop your network,
  • to make the best choices, optimize your approaches and thus make a difference in your professional career.


Do you know all the services available for you?

  • Knowing the job offers and the market status:

Consultation of offers


  • Building and using my relational network

Printed and on-line directories


Companies correspondents and International Consuls


  • Manage my career and my employability

Skills assessment
Career breakfast for experienced engineers
Individual interview with the Jobs & Careers Committee
G16+ services (Career Club of the Grandes Ecoles)

  • Create or take over a business

XMP Entrepreneur
XMP Badge