How to get involved ?

Beyond the contributions, which notably allow to employ Corinne Rouillard and Florence Loyer, our two permanent members of the head office staff working for the good of our community, the ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA Alumni can only develop its actions through the energy of its members spending time for it.

Therefore, we need some bits of your time in order to manage projects and meet the main objectives of the Association:

  • Strengthen the links inside the ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA community and contribute to its influence.
  • Ensure the transferring of information to its members: ISAEdre newsletter, website, directory…
  • Promote and support the SUPAERO, ENSICA and ISAE-SUPAERO educations among students in front of “classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles”, professional bodies, recruiters and companies, in conjunction with the Institute's management.
  • Represent the point of view of the graduates inside the Institute: participation in the Board of Directors of ISAE-SUPAERO, the Education Council, the Research Council as well as within the various boards for entrance admissions, transition from one year to next one, and graduation
  • Maintain and develop friendship between its members through forums and thinking activities, organization of events: breakfasts, conference dinners, lectures, class mates meetings, cultural or technical visits, touristic
  • Provide support to its members meeting difficulties, through relief funds and career support.
  • Provide advices and help to students regarding personal issue as well as within the framework of associations or projects they manage.


Thank you in advance and see you soon!

Catherine Goetz (S 1985)
Facilitator of the Publications and Social Networks Commission