Mentoring Student-Alumni/Alumni

The principle of Mentoring between Alumni consists in establishing a relationship between a Mentor who advises a Mentee informally to help him during important transitions in his professional life, in his projects and / or in his current function.

The Mentor shares his knowledges and experience with the Mentee on how to open up to new approaches and ways of reconsidering his career or his projects, in a confidential, caring, dispassionate, objective, factual and favorable environment. to its development.

The Mentor is neither a therapist, nor a consultant, nor a professional coach: he is more an informal adviser, relying on his experience, his legitimacy and his expertise of a profession, a function, a company, industry, organization, to help the Mentee find his way in his career or in his projects.

He brings vision, self-confidence and network. A Mentor is an ear, he is a shoulder, he is a force of proposal. He is in a working position (part or full time), or has exercised managerial and staff responsibilities, and is a volunteer Mentor.

Benefits of Mentoring for the Mentee:

- Improve your understanding of your work environment,

- Obtain a different perspective on your position , your company and your field of activity,

- Being able to share experiences and get feedback from different views and perspectives,

- Develop your talents thanks to the experience and knowledge of the Mentor,

- Obtain professional advice, a knowledgeable sounding board,

- Opportunity to discuss career options,

- Increase self-confidence.

Benefits of Mentoring for the Mentor:

- Contribute to the success of Alumni,

- Reach new perspectives for himself,

- Learn from others and from himself,

- Facing different age groups to better understand them,

- Improve skills in managing people,

- Be acknowledged as a professional in people development.