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09/04/2016 "Fly your Ideas 2015" - Section : Article

La contribution de Satoshi Miyata et de son équipe à l'innovation aérospatiale au Japon récompensée.
Satoshi MIYATANI, étudiant japonais diplômé d'un master à l'Université de Tokyo, la plus prestigieuse université japonaise, et actuellement étudiant à l'ISAE-SUPAERO au sein du mastère spécialisé "Flight Test Engineering" a reçu une médaille du Président de l'Université de Tokyo pour sa contribution au concours d'Airbus "Fly your Ideas 2015". Satoshi MIYATANI effectuera son stage de fin de mastère spécialisé au sein d’Airbus à Toulouse.

Prestigious Award for Team Birdport

Well done to Team Birdport, recipients of the University of Tokyo’s President's Award for 2015. This extremely well regarded award is for students who have achieved great success in research or extracurricular activities.

The President’s Award was presented to the team in recognition of their achievement in reaching the final 5 teams in the 2015 edition of Airbus Fly Your Ideas. Team Birdport were judged to have made a major contribution to aerospace innovation in Japan, especially in the area of drones, and have also motivated millions of students in Japan.

The team’s Airbus mentor, Production Quality Manager Danny Antons said: “I’m really glad to see the team honored with this impressive award, reflecting their excellence performance throughout the Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition. They had a creative and interdisciplinary approach to their project, which combined the programming of drone simulations, familiarity with bird behavior (ornithology), air traffic rules, etc. Their very innovative idea used drones to direct the birds away from the airport runway - real out of the box thinking!”

The team believe being a finalist in Airbus Fly Your Ideas has proven to be beneficial for their careers and their studies in engineering. Satoshi, is studying flight test engineering at ISAE-SUPAERO, one of the best Grandes Ecoles in France and is doing an internship at Airbus, Toulouse. Motoki is also doing an internship at Airbus Defence and Space in Germany. Sukrit is continuing his studies at the University of Cambridge to learn technology management. Tomo and Tomoya will continue their studies with a master in technology management for innovation at the University of Tokyo.

Reflecting on this recognition, team member Motoki said: “I’m really honored to get the award with my best teammates. It feels fantastic! Winning this award reminds me of the days of the final round. I will never forget our great Airbus Fly Your Ideas experience, and we will advance to the next challenges with confidence.”

Congratulations Team Birdport – we look forward to hearing about your next success.

Le 5 Avril 2016- Site ISAE

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