ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA Alumni newsletter

The beginning of the year is an opportunity to thank all those who support our action by contributing to the Association.

To make 2024 a year that unites our network both on a friendly and professional level, and help us promote the spirit of mutual aid and sharing that characterizes our community, there is still time to contribute! (link here)

We wish you a lot of fun discovering these first NousVAiles of the year!

2024 membership fee, here we go!
Call for 2024 contributions

2023 was rich in shared highlights made possible by the commitment and energy of our volunteers.


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A look back at December's ceremonies
Tuesday 13 February
Apéro Alumni x Technical Clubs

Dear Students, Dear Graduates,

Tuesday February 13 from 6:30 pm,

come and enjoy an aperitif...

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A unifying student/alumni dinner on the theme of Space

A resounding success for the January 24, 2024 student/alumni dinner!

Continuing the tradition of...

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Thursday 07 March
SUPAERO has a wonderful gift - 2nd edition

ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA Alumni and the Association des Arts de l'ISAE-SUPAERO renew their partnership...

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A look back at the Supernova 2023 Gala

Following on from the graduation ceremony, the ISAE-SUPAERO Supernova gala evening was held on...

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The Association honors students
The SUPAERO Space Section student club gets us off the ground with its Sparrow project

Saturday January 27 saw the launch of 16 rockets by members of SUPAERO Space Section's Sparrow...

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Estelle Jameux, Valentin Heuzé and Octavie Camus win the joint Alumni Association - SAE 2023 Engineers Awards

The Alumni Association and the Société des Amis de l'ISAE et de l'ENSTA (SAE) have joined forces...

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Estelle Jameux, Valentin Heuzé and Octavie Camus are awarded the joint Alumni Association - SAE 2023 Ingénieurs prizes.

The Alumni Association and the Société des Amis de l'ISAE et de l'ENSTA (SAE) have joined forces...

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Mayoux-Dauriac Aéronautique 2023 award ceremony

The Alumni Association presented the Mayoux-Dauriac Aéronautique 2023 prize at the awards ceremony...

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The 2023 ISAE Community Commitment Award goes to Arnaud Becker

The Prix de l'Engagement pour la communauté ISAE from the ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA Alumni Association...

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Côté Carrières
Thursday 07 March
Careers workshop

Invitation to the International Conference on Cognitive Aircraft Systems (ICCAS) 2024

ISAE-SUPAERO is pleased to invite you as a contributor or participant to the International...

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Ingénieuses 2024: launch of the competition

The Conférence des directeurs des écoles françaises d'ingénieurs (CDEFI) is pleased to announce...

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Travel and cultural visits
Trip to Oman Musandam - November 21 to December 1, 2024

OMAN MUSANDAM - 11 DAYS / 9 NIGHTS from November 21 to December1,2024

A little jewel tucked...

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Wednesday 22 May
Visit to the Basilica of Saint Denis

Come and discover the grandiose Gothic architecture from the time of Saint Louis, the magnificent...

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Friday 22 March
The arts in France under Charles VII

The reign of Charles VII saw an extraordinary artistic revival. The exhibition "Les arts en France...

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Saturday 28 September
Luxe de poche exhibition

An exhibition of small marvels of French silversmithing...presented alongside precious...

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