More than ever in the current context, we have to take initiatives to keep in touch and boost our actions.

Thereby, the general assembly of our association, which was to be held in June and had been postponed to September 24, was finally held by videoconference with dynamic interventions from Paris and Toulouse. The new website made it possible, as you will see below, to count online votes for voting on resolutions and electing members of the board of directors. Thank you to everyone who participated in this first.

The major conference on the future of air transport which ended the ISAE-SUPAERO Open Day was held in a mixed on site / virtual meeting, and thus gathered nearly 250 participants, including 150 via Internet. Its webcast, as well as those of the conferences held that day, are available below.

Finally, the World Alumni Day, WAD for the close friends, whose initial purpose was to bring together alumni from all over the world on the same date - next Thursday November 19 in the late afternoon in respective countries - to share a good time having a drink in a bar, turns into virtual meeting by zoom. If you are in the region of Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, London, Brussels,

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Focus on the website
Subscriptions settings

In the article Private area: subscriptions and updating preferences published early September, we...

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Online voting for the GA

In this troubled and questioned electoral period on the other side of the Atlantic, we do not...

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Lifetime email address

New focus on this essential functionality !

This is not a novelty since this service already...

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Your involvement rewarded with badges

The redesign of our website also involves highlighting our alumni. Beyond the articles, newsletters...

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Private area: subscriptions and updating preferences

As it already existed on the former ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA Alumni site, the new website allows users...

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Don't forget the Classified Ads !

Hear ye, Hear ye !

Our new Classified Ads service, like an A320 in Covid times, is struggling to...

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Network news
Conference “The future of aviation: an industry without negative climate impact? "

Feedback on the ISAE-SUPAERO Digital Open Day:

 🔸 Round table by ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA Alumni on “The...

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Un drone à hydrogène français vise la traversée de l'Atlantique Sud

Dans le cadre du projet Mermoz, les étudiants d'ISAE-SUPAERO développent, avec des partenaires, un...

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Propulsez vos idées positives !

Cette année, La Fabrique Aviva finance 15 projets à impact, qui se partageront...

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L'Isae-Supaero inaugure Innovspace, un lieu d'innovation et d'accueil des startups

L'école d'ingénieurs toulousaine ISAE-SUPAERO a aménagé un bâtiment de 800m2 pour initier ses...

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Monday 16 November
ONERA symposium: Mysteries and enigmas of aeronautics

In partnership with ONERA Alumni, we are relaying this event:

monday november 16: "aeronautical...

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Wednesday 02 December
Breakfast career

The Engineering Professions Commission offers monthly breakfasts from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. , for...

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Tuesday 24 November
Demonstration of the nEUROn stealth combat drone

By Thierry Prunier (SUPAERO 1970), former director of the nEUROn program at Dassault Aviation,...

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Tuesday 09 February
Exhibition: The empire of the senses from François Boucher to Jean-Honoré Fragonard

This visit is rescheduled for February 9, 2021.

Embark for Cythère, the island of Love, in the...

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Thursday 19 November
WAD, Thursday November 19th 2020!

ISAE-SUPAERO, ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation and ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA Alumni are organizing simultaneous...

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