Tutoring 1A/3-4A

Tutoring between 3-4A and 1A students was initiated by the delegates of the S2015 class and supported by the Direction des Etudes, which has since implemented it for each class.

It complements the traditional sponsorship between 1A and 2A, by focusing more on academic support. 3-4A has sufficient hindsight on his or her course and on the opportunities available to students. He or she is familiar with the training program and how community life works, and can effectively advise the student during his or her first 2 years.

The two of them get to know and trust each other. This is an asset for the mentee's future career , when he or she becomes a 3A or 4A self-student: the mentee will not hesitate to continue the relationship with his or her tutor, who has now moved on to professional life, and to approach him or her when looking for an internship or a job.

This aspect of continuing the tutoring relationship over time beyond the School is a fundamental component of the culture and values that the School and the Association wish to nurture and develop in the ISAE-SUPAERO Alumni community: networking, networking and more networking to manage your career!

All 3-4A volunteers fill in a mini CV focusing on their educational background, associative activities and interests. The Direction des Etudes publishes a Book, which is distributed to the 1As, who are then asked to indicate their preferences, according to their affinities with some of the volunteer tutors.

The Director of Studies then sets up the groups: each 1A has a tutor, and each volunteer tutor has a group of 1As. During the 3 or 4 years of schooling, meetings are organized between Tutors and Tutees.

In recognition of this commitment, volunteer Tutors are identified in our directory with a special badge!