Career Services



Career breakfasts :

  • Extended monthly distance learning:
  • To reach all Alumni in France and abroad,
  • To increase frequency if necessary, depending on attendance or urgency.
  • Breakfast content :
    • Exchanges between participants on their career paths/experiences, cross-fertilization of best practices, advice and networking through group dynamics,
    • CV review, presentation and content recommendations, examples of effective writing,
    • Use of social networks, especially LinkedIn, LinkedIn profile writing, use of posts and networking,
    • Networking with alumni or acquaintances who can help,
    • Recommendations for support from organizations offering career or skills assessments, professional coaching or mentoring,
    • Salary benchmarking,
    • Recommendations for job search techniques,
    • Review of self-employment opportunities (consultant, interim manager) and referral to firms,
    • Job search advice booklet.

Coaching Solidaire Professionnel :

  • 4 free sessions,
  • For Alumni in or out of office, to address the following issues:
    • Career orientation or reorientation,
    • Developing self-confidence,
    • Identifying your talents to successfully apply your skills,
    • Finding meaning in one's career,
    • Restoring a difficult managerial situation,
    • Identify your challenges and perform more quickly in a new position,
    • Give your company the right direction, choose your allies and define the right structures,
    • Set up a successful delegation system that allows you to concentrate on your core missions,
    • Lead your team with maximum efficiency and enthusiasm,
    • Reconcile professional and personal obligations,
    • Exercise responsibilities more effectively,
    • cope with changes in the environment.
    • ......

Conferences and Webinars :

  • Conferences on the use of LinkedIn, on Interim Management,
  • Webinar in preparation (September 2020): How to find a job in times of crisis

Workshops: ( in preparation for September 2020, face-to-face and remote)

  • Hiring negotiations,
  • CV and cover letter writing,
  • Identifying company needs,
  • How to target company entry points,
  • How to network and manage a network,
  • ...

Alumni Senior Mentoring: (launch July 2020)

  • Including helping the Class of 2020 enter the job market,
  • For current alumni wishing to develop their careers or build an entrepreneurial business,

Job Offers Barometer :

  • Published regularly to enable Alumni to keep abreast of job market trends and vacancies.

Employment and Careers Committee

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