ISAE Alumni Entrepreneurship Club

The Junior Company of ISAE-SUPAERO

SUPAERO Junior Conseil is the Junior Enterprise of ISAE-SUPAERO. Its vocation is to bring together players in the aerospace industry and ISAE students around technical studies. It enables 3A, 4A and Master's students to put into practice the skills they have learned at the school, while at the same time offeringThe students are also able to take advantage of the competitive rates, responsiveness and dynamism associated with our student structure.

A J.E. that reflects the school's excellence
Founded in 1979, SUPAERO Junior Conseil (formerly GERSA) has many years' experience in engineering consultancy, and has been awarded several labels of technological excellence and prizes for the best engineering study.
Thanks to the dedication of all its members, SUPAERO Junior Conseil ranks among the top 30 Junior-Entreprises in France.

Relevant consultants for a wide variety of projects
Recognized for their mastery of a wide range of scientific fields, and with access to the institute's exceptional infrastructures, our consultants chosen from 1700 potential candidates are capable of realize all kinds of projects, from the design of a blowing box to the coding of an intelligent algorithm for pedestrian navigation, to the realization of a fully autonomous agricultural solar drone.

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