Mentoring 1A/2A

The sponsorship of new arrivals by second-year students is a long-standing tradition inherited from the two former schools, particularly at ENSICA where it was particularly well established: During the famous sponsorship evening, all the "families" got together, each taking up the challenge of demonstrating the oldest active lineage, by inviting their greatest ancestors to the campus! The torch has been passed on to the new ISAE-SUPAERO formation, and sponsorship is still one of the highlights shared by all alumni, building bridges between generations.

The oral and theatrical tradition (we remember the sketches and skits, prepared at length by the 3A and 4A, where the new 1A/2A couples had to recognize their names hidden in the puns, then find each other for the rest of the evening!) has been replaced by digital technology: with our new website, it's now possible to retrace this genealogy!

Find and complete your sponsorship graph in the settings of your personal page, so that it appears on your profile, and take advantage of the opportunity to reconnect with long-lost comrades! As for you, students, don't hesitate any longer and seize this opportunity to contact alumni with whom you share this unexpected link: you now have the thread for a first contact!