Membership fees are an essential resource for the Association.

By joining the Alumni Association, you'll be contributing to the animation of the community, to solidarity and mutual aid, as well as to the influence of the network and of ISAE-SUPAERO!

Your support is essential for an ever-stronger and more powerful network!

The prime rate for 2023 dues is still €130, for retirees and early retirees €78 and for associate members €130.

The Association offers progressive rates for Young Graduates: Class of 2017: €90 Class of 2018: 80 € - Class 2019 : 70 € - Class 2020 : 60 € - Class 2021 : 50 € - Class 2022 : 40 €

and Junior memberships for engineering students, Master of Science and Mastère Spécialisé® students at a single fee of €10 (one payment for the entire course).

Special cases

The membership fee is half the normal rate applicable in the following cases: full-time studies, national or international volunteer work, second member of a couple, non-ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA spouse of a deceased fellow member, fellow member off post. (with proof), ...

You can contribute online (click on the "I contribute" button at the top right of your profile or onto request your login details, also at the top right of the screen) or download the 2023 contribution form here.

A look back at the Association's main missions:

Promoting the Alumni network

With a collaborative website, a directory of graduates (digital and paper formats),
l'ISAEdre, NousVAiles, ...afterworks, conferences and webinars on the theme of recruitment, and an active presence on the FB and LinkedIn networks.

Offering employment/career services

Through career management advice (monthly workshops), job previews, talent mapping tools, salary surveys , ...With senior people to confide in, mentoring (140 alumni mentors) and coaching programs, ...

Intergenerational solidarity initiatives

Back-to-school welcome, graduation ceremonies, sponsorship of graduation ceremonies, support in organizing graduation anniversaries and events, regional group activities and support for emergency funds.

Contribute to the reputation of the network and of ISAE-SUPAERO

Thematic days and conferences,support in promoting training courses, Annual awards for deserving graduates,presence in the IESF and CGE professional networks.

All the activities on offer rely on the commitment of volunteers and the support of our two permanent employees.

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