60 years of ISAE in Toulouse


Initially intended as a testimonial to the 60th anniversary of ISAE's presence in Toulouse, this prestigious magazine has been transformed and enriched over the months to become an 80-page book with more timeless content. With ISBN referencing, it will be available from Cépadués in autumn 2023, and will therefore have greater visibility.

The title of the book becomes "Toulouse, a successful aerospace decentralization", with the key role played by the ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA engineering community in this success.

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The 60 Years of ISAE in Toulouse Group is now configured as a library of documents mentioned throughout the pages of the book, which can be consulted via QR code.

The list of members includes all those within the Alumni Association who have contributed to the production of this book. We would like to thank them all.

Comments may be circulated collectively to all members of the Group at 60ansISAE@isae-alumni.net.

Note: in addition to the "Displayed members" of the Group, Corinne and Florence are also "External members", and although they do not appear in the list of members, they have the same access as the others.


The geographical map of the group members

14 results
14 results

ENSICA Ingénieur, 1974
ENSICA Ingénieur, 1965
ENSICA Ingénieur, 1972
ENSICA Ingénieur, 1987
SUPAERO Ingénieur, 1975
SUPAERO Ingénieur, 1971
ENSICA Ingénieur, 1975
SUPAERO Ingénieur, 1972
SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2004
Directeur Général, Editions Cepadues
SUPAERO Ingénieur, 1983
Consultant Contrôle de gestion, Maintenance aéro, Supply chain, CONSULTANT INDEPENDANT