The Arts Association? What is it ?
The associative life of engineering schools is often very rich. ISAE-SUPAERO is no exception to this rule, and allows its students to get involved in projects, discover new things and learn the administrative aspect that comes with managing an association or club (more than 110 available).
When we talk about the associative branch of engineering schools, we often think of the famous BDE (for Bureau des Elèves) which manages the Students' Association. This office is in charge of the life of the association in general, the life of some clubs, parties, ...
Often just as well known, the sportsmen also have their own office to manage the Sports Association: the BDS (for Bureau des Sports). It is in charge of managing sports clubs, sports competitions (inter-school meetings in particular), and more generally, everything related to sports.
Well, the BDA (Bureau des Arts) is another of these offices, which is gradually growing in engineering schools! Indeed, even if technique, sports and partying have often dominated the campuses, more and more people want to develop or maintain their artistic fiber, whether it be musical, culinary, craft, theatrical, or of any other nature.

But what is the role of the Association?
The purpose of the Arts Association is to enable members to emancipate themselves and to develop their artistic culture.
To do this, it manages the artistic clubs of ISAE-SUPAERO by providing them with the budget necessary for their operation, by managing part of their administration.
In addition, it organises cultural events through its poles, both on and off campus. For example, every week members are offered outings to theatres, concert halls and opera houses, but also more occasional events on the Supaero campus or tourist trips.
The list of clubs is available here and the list of poles here !

And who is behind this Association?

Each year, around November, a team of first-year students is elected to take over from the previous team. The power only passes into the hands of the first years around February after being trained by the second years. Since the Association was founded in 2015, 7 of the most talented teams have succeeded each other.

This year, in 2023, the AA will take you into the world of the Arabian Nights, as the Alibab'art team take over the AA!


Open on Thursdays from 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm at the Maison des Elèves!


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68 results

ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2024 (elève)
ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2023
ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2024 (elève)
ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2023
ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2023  |  ISAE-SUPAERO Docteur, 2025 (elève)
SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2003
Marque Technique APU, Safran Power Units
ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2023
ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2022
Ingénieur Système, Safran
ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2023
ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2023

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