Dear AGENDA MODULE testers

You can access using username: isae and password: M4ysJtoCjT (don't forget to save them in your browser(s) 😊).

In this test environment, you can log on to the new site with your profile as if you were on the association's current site (, using your usual login and password.

We invite you to take a look at your profile by logging in and checking that you have all the data you entered on your profile on the current site, and in particular that you are a member of the groups to which you have subscribed. In fact, you'll notice that you've joined the Tester Group and one of its module-testing sub-groups. We've had to reassign some people to avoid all efforts being concentrated on the Groups module alone.

For the record, all you need is a little patience: you'll be able to test the whole site and work on your group pages from July 20.

Until then, we ask you to concentrate on testing the module to which you have been assigned. Tests must be completed by July 17.

The testing phase has begun. Toreport any bugs you encounter, please use the following form:

Keep this link safe, as it will help you report bugs and send us your screenshots (one file per form).

46 Agenda Create a group event in central BO and in group BO create two events, each linked to a different group Check that everything is displayed correctly in BO and FO: title, text, registration link, speakers, payment, venue, times, photo, etc. And that these events are linked to the right group.
47 Agenda Track event registration, budget, etc. registration of 2 alumni, 1 in FO and 1 in BO Check that all rates, for each type of population, and all payment methods are working, that the contact details of registered alumni are displayed correctly, that the list of registrants is displayed correctly, that the Excel list is complete, that it is possible to send a mailing to registrants, and that badges are displayed correctly (logo).
48 Agenda Create an event not linked to a group create two events on different dates Check that everything is displayed in BO and FO: title, text, registration link, speakers, payment, venue, schedule, photo, etc.
49 Agenda Create an event create events not linked to a group, open to outsiders or reserved for members only Check possibility/impossibility of registration according to profiles
50 Agenda Register for one event register for two events on different dates, in Fo and BO Check that you receive a registration confirmation, with which text?
51 Agenda Unsubscribe from an event (currently only possible by e-mail or telephone, especially if payment is involved)
52 Agenda Review an event I've already registered for '-> "already registered" information must be visible on the face register for an event check that it is visible in FO on your profile

Don't hesitate to call me if necessary (except Wednesdays :-) ) on the duty number (call transfer) or at

Corinne Rouillard

01 40 71 09 09

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4 results

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ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2023
ISAE-SUPAERO Ingénieur, 2027 (elève)