Employment and Careers Committee


Services, tools, methods, coaches and mentors to support alumni!

The Employment & Careers Service provides support for alumni who wish to make a career change, thanks in particular to professional coaching, a network of alumni mentors, talent mapping, career workshops, and pre-premier job postings.alumni mentors' network, talent mapping, career workshops, job postings and the IESF salary survey, with specific extraction for ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA.

It strives to provide alumni, especially younger ones, with the most useful global overview for managing their careers.

It leads all initiatives aimed at raising awareness of engineering professions, particularly in the aerospace sector, with the certification of diplomas via the Labellis system.

It organizes all events, visits and conferences that contribute to its mission.

Careers Department

A Resource when things are bad
Opportunity when things are going well
A Solution in all cases 😊


Coaching Solidaire Professionnel :

  • 4 free sessions,
  • For Alumni in or out of office, to address the following issues:
    • Career orientation or reorientation,
    • Developing self-confidence,
    • Identifying your talents to successfully apply your skills,
    • Finding meaning in one's career,
    • Restoring a difficult managerial situation,
    • Identify your challenges and perform more quickly in a new position,
    • Give your company the right direction, choose your allies and define the right structures,
    • Set up a successful delegation system that allows you to concentrate on your core missions,
    • Lead your team with maximum efficiency and enthusiasm,
    • Reconcile professional and personal obligations,
    • Exercise responsibilities more effectively,
    • cope with changes in the environment.
    • ......

Talent Mapping:

Talent mapping is mainly used to identify talents (different from skills because they are innate, personal and unique), but also skills (acquired through training or experience) and areas of discomfort.

A skill is duplicable, a talent is inimitable. A skill can be exercised without talent. A talent is exercised naturally and with passion.

The tool will direct you towards your areas of talent where you excel, and help you identify the type of position to target (Executive, CFO, HRD, Sales, Auditor, Developer, Designer, Production Manager, Research, Programs, etc.), and which profiles to surround yourself with if you want to build a team (start-up).

It is based on a questionnaire managed by an auto-adaptive artificial intelligence algorithm (which incidentally detects simulated and insincere answers), which is then debriefed by a Professional Coach certified on this tool.

It's quite powerful and far more efficient than MTBI and other PCM or 4 Colors which only deal with behavior.

Everything can be done by videoconference.

Conferences and Webinars :

  • Conferences on the use of LinkedIn, on Interim Management,
  • Webinar "How to find a job in times of crisis".

Workshops: (face-to-face and remote)

  • Hiring negotiations,
  • CV and cover letter writing,
  • Identifying company needs,
  • How to target company entry points,
  • How to network and manage a network,
  • ...

Alumni mentoring: (launch July 2020)

  • Including helping the Class of 2020 enter the job market,
  • For current alumni wishing to develop their careers or build an entrepreneurial business,

Job Offers Barometer :

  • Published regularly to enable Alumni to keep abreast of job market trends and vacancies.


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