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Corporate purpose of AS ISAE-SUPAERO

Extract from the statutes of the association :

"The aim of the ISAE-SUPAERO Sports Association is to promote and organise sports activities for ISAE-SUPAERO students, excluding sports lessons included in the ISAE-SUPAERO teaching programme. The association allows students who are not registered with ISAE-SUPAERO and who are staying on campus to use the sports facilities with the association's insurance and civil liability guarantees, without benefiting from all the activities offered by the association. »


The means of action of AS ISAE-SUPAERO

In order to achieve its corporate purpose, AS ISAE-SUPAERO receives a subsidy from ISAE-SUPAERO, which constitutes the majority of its income, and collects various other funds, notably membership fees.

In order to promote access to sport for its members, the association's main means of action is to help them financially by reimbursing part of the sums paid for the practice of the activity or for the travel necessary for the activity. This is what is referred to as "reimbursement" in the rest of the internal regulations.

AS ISAE-SUPAERO also organises sports activities for its members. This organisation is based in particular on a system of "sports sections" presided over by members.


Membership of the association

Except in the special cases set out below, you must be a holder of the ISAE-SUPAERO student card to join AS ISAE-SUPAERO.

In the case of doctoral students and students in the CNAM programme, special provisions apply to sporting activities eligible for reimbursement by AS ISAE-SUPAERO.

In the case of students who are not registered with ISAE-SUPAERO but who have accommodation on the ISAE-SUPAERO campus, special provisions apply for the amount of the membership fee, the duration of membership and the sports activities eligible for reimbursement by AS ISAE-SUPAERO.

For information, there is a sports association for ISAE-SUPAERO staff. Doctoral students have the choice of joining one or the other, or even both associations.


In order to join the association, they must have :

- a student card (or proof in special cases)
- the printed medical certificate less than one year old (available on the website:

In the case of re-enrolment a new certificate is not necessary, as the one previously given can be renewed. All the member has to do is sign a form given at the time of registration.

- the signed charter (available on the same web page as the medical certificate or at the AS offices)
- a mean of payment (cash, cheque to "AS ISAE-SUPAERO", or by lydia). Membership of AS costs 40 euros for the school year.


To have access to the weight room :

- to be a member of the sports association
- bring the registration form for the weight room (available on the website:
- have a means of payment (cash, cheque payable to AS ISAE-SUPAERO, or Lydia). Membership of the gym (in addition to the AS gym) costs an extra 20 euros. Only one payment can be made for both AS membership and gym membership.

The amount of the membership fee is set by the board of directors, with a possible surcharge for access to certain facilities (these amounts are given in the appendix for the current school year). For certain disciplines, it may also be necessary to subscribe to a sports licence (FFSU, FFESSM, FFME, ...) which must be paid by cheque.


To obtain a FFSU licence:

- be a member of the sports association
- have a medical certificate less than 3 months old, the one provided at the time of registration with the sports association is acceptable if it is provided within this time frame
- fill in the FFSU application form when on duty
- give a cheque for 35 euros to AS ISAE-SUPAERO

Membership of AS ISAE-SUPAERO is valid for the school year in progress at the time of joining, and must therefore be renewed at the beginning of each school year.

In the particular case of students in the final year of the engineering curriculum, the membership fee is valid until the day of their graduation. The last reimbursements must be made before 31 December.


Members of AS ISAE-SUPAERO undertake to comply strictly with the provisions of the association's statutes, the present regulations and the AS ISAE-SUPAERO charter (in the appendix); in particular :

To be up to date with their membership fees to practise a sporting activity within the framework of the association.
Anticipate the steps to be taken with regard to the association (reimbursements, travel, competitions, etc.).



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