SUPAERO Dancing Club


The SUPAERO Dancing Club proposes to its members to learn and practice many ballroom dances, both swing dances (rock, west coast swing, lindy hop...) and latino dances (salsa, cha cha, bachata, kisomba...) or waltz. In addition, the club is part of the Toulouse network of student dance clubs and gives its members access to many dance evenings throughout the year, including the ball of SUPAERO, as well as training courses.

The club offers a dance class as well as a free dance slot in partnership with the ENAC club every week. Registration is free for BDS members.

You are passionate about dance, you already practice or you want to start? You prefer to dance in couple rather than trying Brownian movements during parties? You tell yourself that after all, knowing how to dance as a couple can be useful one day or another? You like quality evenings and good music?

Come and join!


This year, classes will be given by Steven Bernard, a teacher from the Garden of Dance association, and will take place on Wednesdays from 6 to 8 pm in the reception room at the MDE (behind the foyer). The beginning is scheduled for Wednesday, October 14th, after the beginning of the master students' school year.

Your only obligation as a registrant will be to sign the attendance sheet for each class. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the accumulated absences oblige the teacher to make numerous reminders which are often useless for regular students and which penalize the progression of the group. For this reason, a definitive exclusion from classes may be considered by the Office if :

  • 3 unjustified absences during the semester OR
  • 2 consecutive unjustified absences

If you are unable to attend a course, please inform one of the members of the Bureau (Elisabeth Le Hir - President / Xavier de Quatrebarbes - Vice-President) in advance, specifying the reason if possible. Your absence will then be considered as justified.

As the agreement with the ENAC club has not yet been signed this year, the free dance slots will not start right away. The health protocol indeed makes it difficult for clubs from different schools to interact with each other. We will update this information as it evolves.


Registrations this year will take place in two stages: a first wave at the end of the club rally on Saturday 12th September and a second wave on Thursday 14th October for master's students.


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