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Candidates for the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association - GA 2023

26 March 2024 Article
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I am particularly interested in :

  • network management (in particular the management of the women's community and the organization of events around sustainable development/the role of ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA engineers in actions for the climate, respect for biodiversity and other related subjects (plastics, planetary limits, etc.)),
  • actions towards students (I already have links with the ISAELLES association,
  • and I'd like to work on integrating more courses around the decarbonization of aeronautics, perhaps based on the Référentiel written by Nicolas Gourdain and Jérôme Fontane, among others).


SYNAPSES - Community animation


As an alumnus, I firmly believe that our amicale plays an essential role in maintaining our professional and social network, as well as promoting the excellence of our school.

I'm determined to help organize networking events and facilitate professional opportunities for all. As alumni, we have a responsibility to support and enrich the ISAE Supaero legacy by offering our time, expertise and resources.

I'm also passionate about promoting the academic excellence of our school by supporting research projects, teaching initiatives and international exchange programs.

Last but not least, I'm interested in our association's social commitment, and I'm determined to take part in social projects, volunteer work and social responsibility initiatives. I'm convinced that my passion, commitment and skills will be invaluable assets in contributing to the development and influence of our association.


As an active member of the Toulouse group during my last year of studies, I had the opportunity to take part in the organization of various events: Alumni Day 2022, conferences, technical club forum, etc.

I really enjoyed it and realized the association's potential for development.

I also received a commitment award during my graduation, which honors me and motivates me all the more to get involved in the association.

I therefore wish to continue my commitment by joining the Board of Directors.

Since I live in Canada, the area in which I would most like to get involved is forging international links between alumni.

More generally, I will be able to contribute on the following points:

  • Strengthen links between the association and students. Make students aware, right from the first year, of the importance of the school's alumni network.

I'm very familiar with their needs and expectations: active internship search periods, key moments in their career path, areas of interest (sustainable development, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, etc.).

So I want to anchor the association more firmly in the curriculum.
I also know the members of the school's Career Center well, with whom I could coordinate, and I'm convinced that being a member of the Board of Directors will give me more leverage.
more leverage.

  • Develop the association's international visibility. I'm currently living in Montreal and have already organized an event for alumni and exchange students in September 2022. I plan to repeat it in April 2023. At the start of the 2023 academic year, I'd also like to organize an advice session to support students wishing to secure an internship abroad.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I'll be able to better organize and coordinate such events, while also drawing up proposals for international groups. It could also involve planning actions such as World Alumni Day.

  • Get alumni involved in the association. I'd like to draw on best practices from other engineering schools to contribute to the development of our association: organization of masterclasses, conferences, alumni portraits, newsletters, etc.
    Today's digital tools make it much easier to get in touch and organize events remotely. I'm convinced that this type of action would help to develop alumni interest in the association.

So I'm very keen to join the board of the ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA alumni association. Taking my place on the board would enable me to promote these ideas alongside all the members.


Engineer 2017 and Cifre thesis 2022, I am currently an architect at Airbus, Airbus Engineering Ambassador for schools and China Consul in the Alumni association.

In the past, I helped organize the World Alumni Day and set up collaboration with the Asian aerospace industry.

I've always wanted to play an active role in ISAE's development, and I'm applying to make a personal impact in three areas in which I'm already involved:

1) Implement a strategy to enhance international visibility and influence, including promoting the school to prospective students and highlighting the international careers of graduates.

2) Strengthen the school's links with companies, particularly in Asia, by speeding up the introduction of scholarships/awards.

3) Promote beneficial synergies between the school and industry, in particular by organizing seminars and collaborative projects on critical topics such as AI and decarbonized aircraft.

GRANIÉ Antoine (SUPAERO 2004)

Insatiably curious, always on the move, I love to learn, understand and pass on.

I admit that my work for the School dates back a little, but it has always been about facilitating encounters, bringing together people who didn't yet know each other, and discovering new opportunities together.

Back in Toulouse (and in France) for a few years now, aware of the major transformation our societies will undergo in the years to come, I've been thinking about how, beyond my professional activity, I could help make a difference.

The ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA alumni association supports thousands of enthusiasts at the heart of these future transformations, whether they are decision-makers, "makers" or "financiers" of today and tomorrow.

Thanks to my diverse experience, and my constant desire to improve, accelerate and simplify, I believe that as a director, I can bring energy and new ideas to continue to support them, and offer them adapted (and adaptable) learning, meeting and innovation solutions.


Since 2019, thanks to the confidence of Jean-Louis Marcé, vice-president of the Association and Laurent Rasmont, club president

Entrepreneurship, I set out to run the Toulouse Group with their help and that of some students, ... who have since graduated!

We were keen to create a calendar of events that would bring students and graduates together around topical themes (sustainable aviation, Mars exploration, New Space): afterworks, conferences, dinners, and so on.

The Covid crisis has not dampened our spirits, and the Toulouse team now numbers around ten active members, with many students still involved.

What's more, as I'm passionate about innovation and start-ups, I help coach students with business creation projects as part of the Entrepreneurship club.

JULIEN Stéphane (ENSICA 2012)

I've been an active participant in the Association's office since graduating from ENSICA in 2012.

For several years, I was in charge of the former Young Graduates Committee, and had successfully organized monthly afterworks in the Paris region.

I was then appointed vice-president of the association. During the first episode of Covid, I got involved in the redesign of our website, along with other members of the board and our salaried employees, managing the project.

Having since moved to Bordeaux, and despite my busy professional life, I'd like to continue my personal investment in the association's operations, as a member of the network's animation committee.

The aim will be to help set up a network of volunteers, empowered in their actions by the tools on our new website, which I'll explain how to use. I'd also like to set up more local events in Bordeaux.

MARCÉ Jean-Louis (SUPAERO 1971)

In April 2012, Chairman Bertrand Delahaye appointed me to the Board of Directors of the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation as the Association's representative, and since then I have held the time-consuming position of Secretary General of the Foundation.

To fully represent the Association on the Foundation's Board, you must be a member of the Association's governing bodies, as are the other representatives of the Foundation's founding members in their home organizations.

Legally, I was not in a position to stand for re-election to the Association's Board of Directors in 2022, and I was able to continue in this role on a temporary basis, pending the appointment of another representative of the Association's governance to the Foundation, or my return to the said governance.

I've also been in charge of operational relations with the School since 2012, as well as leading the Toulouse group and taking an active part in other Association activities.

I'm also a member of the jury for the admission of X students to the École and the École's alumni correspondent for "marketing" the École to X students.

Having found in Nghia Hoang an effective successor to lead the Toulouse group, and with a view to helping clarify relations between the Foundation and the Association, I wish, if elected, to limit myself to :

  • act as Administrator of the Foundation
  • act as secretary to the Honorary Loan Fund
  • remain a member of the jury for the admission of X students to the School, and the School's alumni correspondent for "marketing" the School to X students.

Of course, I will continue to participate, as a simple member, in the Toulouse group.

PAWLAK Dominique (SUPAERO 1978)

Supaéro 78, retired from Matra Espace, now Airbus Defence & Space.

Experience in managing space programs, particularly for the benefit of meteorology, atmospheric monitoring and the environment.

To promote and develop the following areas for the benefit of the association:

  • exchanges between generations: students/alumni, alumni from different classes
  • open up the school and the association to the outside world, and get to know each other better so as to "live better together" through meetings with associations, companies and "intermediary bodies".
  • develop the association, increase the number of subscribers and participants in activities
  • School and association in local life; anchor the School more firmly in local life, assert the School's influence and contribute to the influence of Toulouse and its region.

RASMONT Laurent (SUPAERO 1980)

Founder in 2016, of the ISAE-ALUMNI-ENTREPRENEURSHIP club, whose objectives are as follows:
- Bringing together the Alumni community, passionate about entrepreneurship, with innovative ideas from students or teacher-researchers or recent alumni, to contribute to the success of projects by :

  • Providing entrepreneurial candidates with technical and economic advice based on the latest

knowledge acquired through experience of the sector and the systems implemented, on the business creation opportunities envisaged.

  • providing students with access to a professional address book to facilitate business opportunities and strategic alliances.
  • Facilitating contacts with investors (club alumni, Business Angels network, or investment funds).

- Reinforce the added value of the Alumni Association for students.
- Giving students the opportunity to join start-ups created by alumni.
My objective as a candidate for the Board of Directors: to continue this dynamic and contribute to the development of our association.
Thank you for your confidence.


As an S1992 delegate and active member of the Junior Entreprise, I define myself as a product manager, thinking in terms of strategy, execution and iteration.

Having lived in Finland since 1999, this has had an impact on my membership fees, contact with alumni and the association. Electronic directory in 2013, contact with L. Rasmont to promote the school's IPs in 2019, then a climax in 2022 to organize the 30th anniversary of my graduating class and a round table on the decarbonization of air transport.

These encounters and their attendant emotions have triggered a strong personal awakening.

My understanding of the Association :

  • Enormous value-creation potential for alumni and school
  • Scattered actions with little emotional impact, frustration due to delta with expectations
  • Growing gap between historical activities and today's expectations
  • My contributions as a director, from ideas to concrete implementation:
  • Building a governance structure for networked operations and greater visibility
  • Build an active collaboration with École and Fondation, with shared strategy and tools
  • Refocusing our activities on creating intergenerational links

WALLET Philippe (ENSICA 1973)

As a member of the ENSICA class of 1973 (50 years old this year), I've always kept in touch with the school, particularly over the years when I was taking courses in Toulouse and then Tianjin in the field of aeronautical maintenance, where I spent my entire career.

A few years ago, I sponsored a graduating class with my colleague and friend Alain Malka.

My interest in the School and its students has always been to help the youngest to find their way in the professional world and to help them once they had entered the Company.

Having been a member of the Board for a year, my past involvement with the Association was limited to organizing a visit to the Toulouse Industrial Center.

For the future, my motivation remains the same: to help and advise the younger members of the team, and to contribute to the School's reputation in France and abroad.

I like

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