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In the spotlight : Jean-Luc Reis (ENSICA 1982), General Manager of Aériades - The man from the East

08 February 2024 Article
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A man from the East

In the home stretch of his career, Jean-Luc Reis (ENSICA 1982) can take stock of how far he has come since taking on the role of General Delegate for the Aériades aeronautical cluster.

The Grand Est region is now perfectly identified on the French geographical map.

However, this aeronautics enthusiast, who would have liked to be a pilot, undoubtedly had a long way to go when it came to structuring an industry which, at the time, only counted some thirty members. With the support of the Lorraine regional council, then the Grand Est region, he was able to implement an action plan designed to instill a dynamic around a single community of interest. The cluster has now grown to 80 members. Above all, the Grand Est region has become a key partner in the rising pace of both civil and military production, and in the needs arising from the emergence of New Space.

Jean-Luc Reis is also a keen traveller and hiker, and is currently working hard to make GIFAS' Aero Excellence a success in the Grand Est region. It's all part of the credibility he has built up in a collegial manner, to ensure that the actions of a sector that now employs over 10,000 people will be sustained over the long term. This support for increased industrial maturity is perfectly in line with the new challenges posed by low-carbon aviation and cyber security over the period 2024-2026.

There's no doubt that future developments will continue to bear the stamp of a man who, during a career devoted almost entirely to the aeronautics industry, has succeeded in bringing together all the strengths of a region he knows so well. After all, he studied and worked in Lorraine, Champagne-Ardenne and Alsace!

The man from the East has therefore done a lot for his region and his birthplace, Sarralbe, now home to one of Grand Est's aerospace nuggets, Leach International Europe.

"Featured in Air & Cosmos on February 1, 2024".

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