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20 April 2021

Interview with Thomas Pesquet

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French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who is due to fly on April 22 to the international space station aboard the Crew Dragon shuttle for a six-month mission, was interviewed on April 12 on RTL. During his mission, he will have to take part in command of the international station, "an honor", he explains. Thomas Pesquet says “dreaming of going to the Moon” before joining Mars. “We still have a lot of research to do on the Moon, there is a lot to learn, but above all we know that it is a compulsory repetition, [...] If we do not know how to do the space station, we will never know how to go to the moon. And if we don't know how to go to the Moon, we will never know how to go to Mars. It is 1000 times more difficult, it is 1000 times further ”. The astronaut does not envision a manned journey to Mars by 2024, as Elon Musk hopes, "especially in the proportions in which he indicates it, with extremely large crews." For him, “if we are on the Moon in 2024, that we are in the process of building a permanent base there, it will already be superb. We have to go back and stay there to make it a base for international cooperation and for scientific research ”.

RTL and Le Figaro from April 12

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