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News from trips organized by the Culture and Travel Club

16 April 2021 Article
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In 2020, the following trips were planned:

  •  From June 8 to 22: “United States: the Far West and its unusual canyons”, trip with 33 participants
  •  From 23 to 30 November: "Jordan, Petra and the Desert of Lawrence of Arabia", with 34 participants

These 2 trips were canceled, and postponed to 2021 if the health situation permitted.

However, given the current situation:

  • In agreement with all registered, new postponement of the trip "United States: the Far West and its unusual canyons" in June 2022.
    Registrations are always open, under the usual priority conditions (up-to-date contributors with consideration of loyalty, order of arrival of checks).
  • The trip "Jordan, Petra and the Lawrence of Arabia Desert" with 34 participants, is scheduled from November 5 to 12, 2021 provided the health situation at that time allows it.

Any contributing member likely to be interested in traveling to the United States can contact the Association ( or directly with François Riga (S1970), president of the Club Culture et Voyages at francois.riga @

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