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16 April 2021

The IESF salary survey is closed: thank you for your participation

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The IESF (Engineers and Scientists of France) salary survey is the benchmark "SURVEY" of engineers' salaries par excellence, unmatched by other surveys appearing in the press.

It is a wealth of information essential for any engineer to position his salary in relation to others and possibly renegotiate it, and not only at the start of his career!

It intersects with many factors influencing salary such as education, age, industrial sector, function, geographic location of employment, etc.

The year 2020 was unprecedented and all the responses collected during this 32nd survey (more than 53,000 in total!) will be a valuable source for measuring the impact of this health crisis for engineers, whom they are active or retired.

The overall summary of the survey will in principle be published at the end of June. If you have entered a valid email address at the end of the questionnaire, you will receive, by email, a link to access it for free, as well as the salary simulator which will be active free of charge only until the end of September 2021.

This summary will also be accessible to all contributors on our website, whether they have responded or not, when it reaches us (overall summary for last year can be viewed here).

In addition, each year we order from IESF a specific extraction of the survey for ISAE-SUPAERO-ENSICA graduates: the more of you are to answer it, the more significant it is and the better we can position ourselves in relation to the other alumni of our training and other schools. However, at the end of the survey on April 16, we collected more than 1,300 responses: an excellent figure (592 responses last year) which gives weight to the results! A big thank you to all the alumni who took the time to participate.

The detailed report of this specific extraction will be available to all contributing members of the Association upon receipt.

In the meantime, the results specific to our School of the 31st Survey conducted in 2020 are still available to contributors via this link.

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