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2024 Revenue Survey - here we go!

02 April 2024 Article
Published by Julie DEVAUX
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We are pleased to inform you that we have finalized the preparation of this 35th Ingénieurs Et Scientifiques de France 2024 survey with the Observatoire des Ingénieurs Et Scientifiques de France.

As an association of our School of Engineering, this survey allows us to get to know each other better through your individual responses:

  • On the one hand, as a French engineer, in terms of the job market and social attitudes,
  • Secondly, in relation to graduates of other engineering schools, for relative positioning,
  • And finally, specifically through the sample of our engineers who responded, compared to your fellow students.

You, Alumni of ISAE-SUPAERO

As graduates, also known as alumni, your involvement in this survey is crucial to the value of the results that will emerge from the analysis of our sample.

In fact, it provides us with a basis for discussion with our School about its actual positioning on the job market, independently of the annual rankings in student or business magazines.

! Please note! Whether you are a graduate of ISAE-SUPAERO, Sup'Aéro, ENSAE or ENSICA, please enter ISAE-SUPAERO as your engineering school.

The IESF survey: A beautiful story

A benchmark survey :

For 60 years, IESF has conducted its survey via the Observateur des Ingénieurs Et Scientifiques. The main objective is to map and understand changes in the behavior of French engineers and scientists, both working and non-working, in order to provide a commented statistical summary.

A statistical analysis reference

Thanks to this synthesis, we are able to identify the challenges and issues facing French Engineers and Scientists, both globally and in greater detail. This IESF initiative is at the heart of the actions and positions taken by your Alumni Association.

The Summary is based directly on your responses to the Ingénieurs Et Scientifiques de France survey.

About IESF :

Ingénieurs Et Scientifiques de France (IESF) is an association representing the French engineering and scientific community. More than a million of them are registered in its directory. Recognized as a public utility since 1860, IESF federates engineering school alumni associations, as well as scientific, technical and professional associations.

IESF is present throughout France thanks to its regional network. Its experts, organized into sectoral committees or by profession, develop a whole range of actions aimed at public authorities, the world of education, politics and business. In this way, they highlight the essential role played by engineers and scientists in France's economic development and ecological transition.

IESF also represents France in international engineering organizations, is a member of Engineers Europe (European Federation of National Engineering Associations) and also a member of WFEO (World Federation of Engineering Organizations), IESF promotes mutual recognition of training and skills worldwide.


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