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Interested in Canada?

09 November 2023 Article
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On November 26, Florian Delpech,(ISAE-SUPAERO 2022), data scientist in Montreal, met 11 ISAE-SUPAERO students and alumni.

Florian began by presenting his background and experience of working in Canada. He then explained the main avenues for studying, getting a job and immigrating to the country. He emphasized the importance of relying on the alumni network abroad.

The presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session. Participants' questions focused on the cultural differences in terms of employment between France and Canada, the sectors where engineers were most in demand, as well as the most relevant immigration programs and most attractive Canadian cities.

Attendees came from a wide range of graduating classes, most of whom were actively looking for internships or jobs, allowing for personalized exchanges.

The main aim of the event - to show that an international experience is accessible with perseverance and the right approach to making contacts - was thus achieved!

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