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JPO 2023: christening of the new class

13 November 2023 Article
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Since 2018, the Open Day has been preceded by the christening of the new engineering class. This tradition, which originated at ENSICA, is now well established at ISAE-SUPAERO, and is a must for new students, who can invite their families to the event and show them around the campus.

All incoming engineering students are welcomed by the Institute's management and the Alumni Association to their new school, in front of their families and the entire graduating class. At the end of this exchange, they are presented with the École badge, a powerful symbol of their entry into our great community.

This moment is accompanied by the joyful musical presence of Los Soupaeros, the school's brass band. To conclude, an aerial promotional photo is taken.

This year, Jacqueline Cohen-Bacrie, vice-president of the association, was present alongside ISAE-SUPAERO management to represent our association and welcome the students.

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to this year's graduating class, and to all the new ISAE-SUPAERO students we're delighted to welcome to our Association.

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