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Jean-Bruno Kerisel (S1962) publishes a historical account of his grandfather Albert Caquot

01 October 2021 Network news
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Albert Caquot, de Verdun à Rio itinéraire d'un génie

We owe Albert Caquot hundreds of bridges around the world, hydroelectric dams, tunnels, almost all of them records, the first Air Museum in history, the internal structure of Christ Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro ...

Marcel Dassault said of him: "He was a visionary, he was ahead of everyone! "

At a time of ecological challenges, some of these projects are still relevant ...

Jean-Bruno Kerisel (S1962), his grandson, retraces in this story unknown parts of history, where we meet in turn the poet Guillaume Apollinaire, the sculptor Paul Landowski, the filmmaker Jean Rouch, the composer Reynaldo Hahn or the architect Oscar Niemeyer ...

Book published by Itinéraires Edition, Villefranche sur Cher.

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