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Private area: subscriptions and updating preferences

28 August 2020 Article
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As it already existed on the former ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA Alumni site, the new website allows users to manage their subscriptions, personal information display preferences and data sharing. The new space makes it possible to go further in order not only to better meet the expectations of our members, but also to better comply with GDPR rules.

You can access it directly from your personal menu under Settings and subscriptions.

Let's start with most obvious part:

  • redirection address(es) allow you to indicate to which address(es) you want messages sent to your permanent address to be sent,
  • contact preferences allow you to indicate whether you prefer to be contacted at your personal or professional details with the possibility of differentiating between shipments by post, email or phone.

The subscriptions cover:

  • everything concerning the subjects of preference for sending (receiving publications, newsletters, the directory if you are a member, ...) of the Association and the groups to which you have subscribed,
  • data exchange authorizations with some of our partners (School, Foundation, directory partner, recruiters, etc.).


It is also in this menu pad that you will find the confidentiality settings that will allow you to indicate to whom you want to give visibility to some of your personal data or professional information. You can restrict their distribution to members and recruiters, members, your friends (site functionality) or not share them.


It is essential that you fill in your contact and subscription preferences in order to allow us to stay in contact with you regularly (with the regularity that you wish according to the choices that you provide us) in full compliance with your choices. This will also allow us to be in compliance with the GDPR, since through these choices you can manage the degree of dissemination of the information that concerns you. Do not hesitate to go regularly consult these different tabs and update them.

For more information on personal data please visit this page.


Enjoy your website visit!


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