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15 September 2020

Groups and clubs on the new site - episode #2

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Two weeks after the Association's new website was put online, 71 students clubs have already been created, whether attached to the 3 Associations of Students, Arts or Sports, or independent.

About 250 students enrolled.

Club managers are interested in the features offered by the site, which will greatly facilitate the management and organization of their activities: management of members, management of mailings, management of events, .....

Alumni therefore now have an overview of these clubs and can reconnect with a club they attended during their schooling, or offer their support or advice to a club close to one of their areas of expertise.

The new site thus participates in the establishment of intergenerational links and in the development of the network.

Alumni can also take advantage of the site's features to create groups.

There were already "promotion" groups and many geographic groups in the old site, which have been included in the new one. Their animators can, if they wish, rely on the tools of the new site to facilitate, or even revitalize, their group.

In the professional field, those who wish to create a group in their field of activity (banking, IT, energy, consulting, environment, etc.), or in their large company, can contact the Association which can advise them and help them make their project a reality.

Likewise, the site can accommodate groups around cultural or leisure subjects (music, archeology, hiking, parachuting, etc.)

We hope to be able to announce you soon other happy events and to increase the opportunities for meetings between us.

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