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02 October 2020

Toulouse must diversify to remain the European capital of aeronautics

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The aeronautics sector will remain "essential and strategic" for Toulouse, if it engages in the transformation towards the green plane in particular, indicated, Tuesday, September 29, an independent commission devoted to the future of Toulouse, sponsored by the Metropolis. and the Occitanie region. “The crisis is global, and our point of view is that the response must really be local. The rebound capacity (of the territory) will decide its future, ”said Jean Tirole, Nobel Prize for economics, during a press conference presenting the conclusions of the commission, alongside the mayor of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc , and the regional president Carole Delga. “We believe in the green plane, and objectively it will require different skills,” insisted the president of the mission, Marion Guillou. In addition, "in a logic of resilient development, it seems judicious to stimulate other sectors" also, to become "the European capital of the Space of the future", thanks to a mastery of the manufacturing processes of miniature satellites, according to the Commission. The experts invite the Region and the Metropolis to support Toulouse's candidacies for hosting the European Center for Meteorological Forecasts and the NATO Center of Excellence in the space field. Jean Tirole and Marion Guillou give an interview to La Dépêche du Midi, in which they detail the conclusions of the commission.


Le Figaro and La Dépêche du Midi from September 30

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