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Your involvement rewarded with badges

12 November 2020 Article
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The redesign of our website also involves highlighting our alumni. Beyond the articles, newsletters and events, the new version of the website makes it possible to reward attendance and commitment by awarding badges. You have certainly noticed on your profile, in the third insert, that you have badges of different colors which may change over time. Let’s have a focus on them.

Here are those of one of our alumni as an example:

We hope to encourage you to be, like him, involved in your association by actively participating in its life and animation. Your annual membership fee provides us with essential financial resources, but we also need alumni who get involved, even occasionally, and thus contribute to the dynamism of our network and the quality of our services.


You will find all the details on how to award these badges and the criteria for obtaining them on the page dedicated to them on the website by clicking here.


Happy badge hunting!

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